Microbiome × Personalization

AISHO provides comprehensive solution to your health with microbiome focused products and personalization.

Everyone has a different body with different bacteria. We think it's not enough to have one version of microbiome focused products. So, we build special formula just for you. 

Although microbiome is relatively new and complex concept, we tried our best to make it simple and visible. What you need to do is to take a microbiome test and apply our products.



Akiko Kinoshita & Kazuki Kinoshita 

Akiko Kinoshita and Kazuki Kinoshita met back in 2018. Akiko has expertises in fertility and pregnancy with experience as midwife for over 20 years and at dermatology.


Kazuki, on the other hand, has expertises in technology and marketing as he has written more than 700 crypto/blockchain articles in 5 years.